WALK-INS ARE NEVER A GUARANTEE. Your best bet is to head over to the Appointments page and fill out the request form to schedule a consultation with your preferred artist. Appointments are based on our artist availability. This is the best way to guarantee your spot!

Cash is always preferred! We do not accept card at this time. Ask your artists about other payment options. Deposits are required and vary based on artist, and are due at the time a tattoo appointment is scheduled (either via email or during a consultation). Deposits are non-refundable, and go towards the total cost of your tattoo. A 3 day (72 hr) notice is required to reschedule or you forfeit your deposit and must pay a new one for a new appointment.

This question is best answered after a consultation with your artist. Once the tattoo design is complete and sized on the body, talk with your artist to get a clear idea of how long it will take.

Factors like size, level of detail, thickness of lines, color / shading and body placement all determine how long a tattoo will take.

You must be atleast 18 years old, NO EXCEPTIONS. We will require a state issued I.D. card at the time of your consultation.

(Me, myself, and I) meaning only YOU! At the time of your appointment we ask that you only bring yourself, no additional family members, friends, or pets. We want to be considerate of other artists and people getting tattoos in the shop. Please talk with your tattoo artist if you have any questions about this.

Once you book a tattoo appointment consultation you will have plenty of time to go over the design the artist has prepared. During the week of your appointment please reach out to ask any questions or request changes 3 days (72 hours) prior to sitting down in the chair.

YES! Tattooing is a part of the service industry. Our artists are experts in their field and just as you would tip at a restaurant, that applies in a tattoo shop. Tips range anywhere from 20 – 30%, though every little bit helps. Thank you!

The choice is yours to make! We have multiple artists that specialize in certain styles, and we love expanding our artistic range! Check out our Artists Page or our Instagram Account to see examples of each artist work.

We require 3 days (72 hours) notice to cancel and reschedule your appointment. As long as you let the artist know within that time you will be allowed one reschedule. Our artist put an enormous amount of time and energy into your tattoo design, if adequate notice is not given, your deposit will be forfeit.


  • Ask your artist if you have ANY concerns! We want you healthy and our work to last!
  • Leave bandage on for 2-3 hours or as instructed by your artist.
  • Wash your hands well with soap before touching your new tattoo.
  • After bandage is removed, wash tattoo with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap. Your tattoo counts as an open wound for the first 2-3 days. Treat it with care!
    • Remove all existing ointment, blood, and lymph with your fingertips gently. Excess lymph will cause scabbing, and you want to minimize this as much as possible. Do not use anything abrasive to clean your new tattoo.
    • Soaps we like: Dial, Neutrogena. Unscented and antibacterial to prevent infection!
  • Rinse and pat dry with a disposable paper towel, or allow tattoo to air dry
  • Wash tattoo about twice a day until the tattoo is completely healed.
    • Do not over-wash!
    • Shower as you normally would!
    • Do not submerge the tattoo for an extended amount of time until it has fully healed.
      • This includes baths, swimming pools, the ocean, etc.
  • Over the next few days the tattoo will become flaky, dry and tight — this is normal! Let it do it’s thing and heal.
  • About twice a day, use a small amount of fragrance-free, non-greasy lotion.
    • Rub lotion in until it is fully absorbed into the skin.
      • Lotions we like:   A&D,  Cetaphil, Lubriderm, Eucerin.
    • Do not over- moisturize! Use just enough to cover the tattoo — it should never look shiny!
    • If a scab forms, it will be the color of the ink used, but this doesn’t mean ink will fall out! Leave any scabs and let them fall out naturally. Do not pick or scratch the area.
  • The tattoo may appear dull until it has completely healed – this is normal and will go away after a few weeks.
  • Wear loose clothing over the area until fully healed.


  • Use anything on the tattoo other than what is previously recommended here and by your artist. 
  • Pick, peel or scratch. It will get itchy! We recommend patting it gently.
  • Under any circumstance use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or cortisone. These will damage and irritate your skin!
  • Use any sponges, washcloths, or anything abrasive while cleaning. They harbor bacteria and may irritate or harm your tattoo!
  • Let anyone touch your tattoo. Dirty fingers can cause infection.
  • Go in a lake, tub, pool, ocean, etc, while your tattoo is healing. These all contain bacteria!
  • Expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight, including tanning beds! A high SPF sunscreen will protect the crispness/longevity of your tattoo in the future.