Farewell Tattoos in Jacksonville Florida is an inclusive multi-year award winning tattoo studio. We provide custom and flash work done by our team of talented artists. Our reputation and providing the highest quality of service is our upmost priority. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with many loyal returning customers and happy clients. Farewell Tattoos is owned and operated by Tommy G, an accomplished tattoo artist of over 21 years. Our team of diverse artists possess a wide range of unique art styles. There’s something for everyone here at Farewell. 

We are constantly learning new methods and techniques. Our tattoo shop is an extension of who we are. We strive to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our artists and our clients. Farewell is involved in the local tattoo and arts community here in Jacksonville. We’ve enjoyed being a part of the Jacksonville Tattoo Convention, Tampa Tattoo Arts Convention, Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention, Spooky Empire Tattoo Festival, Imperial Tattoo Arts Festival, South Florida Tattoo Expo and Savannah Tattoo Festival.




Came in looking for an artist for a PTSD concept I had. Goblin did a fantastic job developing the idea and was very open to personal tweaks. Everyone at the shop was extremely professional and respectful. Out of my 5 tattoos, all done at different shops, this is certainly the highest quality and most custom art I have.

Jon Schunk

I’ve gotten two tattoos from Goblin Tattoos @ Farewell. He’s amazing and talented. I’m excited to see what’s next! Overall, the staff at Farewell is welcoming, professional, and courteous. They use proper PPE, and work to give you the best experience possible. The overall space is awesome. They touch on many different aesthetics of art, and have so much to offer. I’m looking forward to getting more work done at Farewell!

Courtney Hadden

I love this tattoo shop and have nothing but glowing things to say!! I met with Franco and they were able to help me custom design my tattoo. They are extremely professional and friendly and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. Everyone in the shop was so welcoming. I will definitely be going back to get more pieces done by Franco and from the other artists as well, as they all have such creative and unique designs! I’d rate them more than 5 stars if I could!!!

Taylor Cornelius

Tommy has been tattooing me for almost three years. Two arm sleeves that are absolutely beautiful and have strangers coming up to compliment them every single day. He’s a true professional and supremely talented artist. His apprentices Brodney, Franco and Goblin are all hard working, professional and talented artists who are creating incredible tattoos. There is no other place in North Florida to get tattooed besides Farewell.

- Chase D